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Mutimedia Tools

Multimedia Tools are visually enhancing products that you can utilise to present information on your website more creatively and effectively.


An Image Gallery is a feature that lets you display multiple photos at one time on your website. You can choose to show photos in display options such as thumbnails or slideshows. Image Gallery comes as a standard feature on most of imageweb products.

Custom Audio/Video Player

Audio/Video Players lets you display and playback audio and video in various standards on your website. You can also choose to have multiple playlist or single tracks/videos with many features like Auto Play. You may also choose to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos on your website or we can also build HTML5 Video Players for increased compatibility with web browsers.

Flash Animation

SFlash Animation can enhance user interaction by creating both HTML and Flash-enhanced versions of any web site. Animation helps to add life to your website, presentations, applications & various other forms of digital communications. Flash Animation has the right answer for you if you are looking for a spectacular first impression or animation to your digital (visual) communication. We will help to give your business a cutting edge appearance.

Technologies we use
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