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Google Adwords

Great Features of Google Adwords

Google Adwords

How big are your goals?
Google Adwords is a cost-effective method of immediately bringing targeted traffic to your website. Over 90% of the worlds internet searches begin in Google Search Engine, making it an even playing field for smaller companies to compete and reach a large audience.

You set the budget
Google Ads are easily controlled. You simply decide how much you want to spend each month. When the budget is spent the ad stops running. The ads can run again if you choose to.

Small Initial Outlay
Getting started into a Google Adwords campaign requires only a small outlay. GASHMEDIA charges a small setup fee (to create and setup) and small monthly management fee (to monitor and report). The only other ongoing cost is when your monthly budget is reduced when someone clicks on your ad.


  • Research and select keywords
  • Create a new Google Adwords account
  • Create the advert (x2 per grouping or split testing)
  • Change the ad when required
  • Test the advertisement
  • Add and remove keywords in response to performance
  • Analysis of the advertisement effectiveness using Analytics software
  • Monthly reporting to customer

Instant Results
Results of adwords campaign are immediate and the nature of Google Adwords is that you will get a top placement almost immediately. This is unlike SEO where this work takes some time to implement (however with lasting results).

Highly Targeted
Adwords advertising is highly targeted because users physically enter keywords you have selected. This makes them highly likely to purchase your product or service.

Accountability The results of an adwords campaign are highly trackable using various tracking tools. This allows GASHMEDIA to refine the campaign if need be and also to report back to you about the results via regular monthly reports. This makes your return on investment easily measurable.

National and International Presence
Google adwords reaches a local and world audience.

Our management process includes:
  • Creating keywords and ad groups
  • Testing the ad and its keywords
  • Reporting by using reporting tools to measure results (accountability)
  • Fine tuning campaign results


Technologies we use
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